The Fall.

Great music maker. Awful singer. I’ve read a fair few stories about Mark E Smith, hurting people and throwing drinks at others. Humiliating some and bullying some more. I know, i get it, he died too young. Horrible. Shouldn’t have happened.

Great music, edgy, raw. Something about celebrating “he was difficult”, makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s all.



After all of these years. Radiohead. Oh, i still love you.




Big Star.

I fell in love with Big Star. I also fell in love to Big Star. The soundtrack of my 2017.

So beautiful. This song. I have listened to it and dreamt alongside the wave of the lyrics. Dreaming of future plans and a cosy home. Contentment. Stability. Funny how a song can make your heart soar or ache depending on how we’re feeling about our own life and loves.

Big Star were never recognised for the fantastic group that they undoubtedly were. Wilco, Primal Scream and REM have all said that Big Star were a major influence. Check them out.

I didn’t know about love.

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